Dunham Legal is focused on small business and start-ups.

If your small business or start-up needs help with:

dunhamicon32   its intellectual property strategy;

dunhamicon32   its path to market for a product or service, or for the business itself; or

dunhamicon32   sorting out strategic contracts;

then this is the “sweet spot” for us both.

Marianne is the Principal of Dunham Legal and she has extensive experience in these areas, for businesses large and small and for Government and research institutions, but with Dunham Legal the focus is on small businesses and start-ups only.

Over the years Marianne has seen many of her clients succeed in commercialising their products and growing their businesses and she really enjoys working with people in this space and helping with the many challenges that arise.

If you work with Dunham Legal, you can expect a commitment to your business and your goals; savvy advice; a practical approach; plain speaking; no spin and no overcomplicating; agreed prices and prompt responses.  If your needs are outside the core areas of Dunham Legal, then you will be referred to others for those needs.


Our questionnaire helps you to evaluate all aspects of your branding and trade mark needs.

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