Marianne is a commercial lawyer with extensive experience in the development of new businesses and products. She has focused in the innovation area for 25 years, working in a variety of developing fields including biotechnology and e-business and also working on improvements and the development of new markets for traditional products and businesses.

She completed studies at Masters level in the US and has kept up to date about innovation and commercialisation in Australia and overseas throughout her career and consequently now has a wealth of experience to draw from when strategy for new products and businesses, or the need for refreshment of existing businesses is being considered.

Areas she works in

Science and technology commercialisation; commercial law; business models; strategic thinking; experience in working with businesses, Governments and research institutions, understanding their different “drivers” and achieving outcomes to satisfy them; problem solving; mediation; litigation; risk management and mitigation; fund raising and corporate governance


  • Development of new products and markets for medical devices, photovoltaic cells, software and e-business
  • Development of a number of companies in the biotechnology and IT areas
  • Author of LexisNexis IP Precedents “Science and Technology Commercialisation” 2005 – present as well as IP precedents used in Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, the “IP, IT, eCommerce and Media bundle” of Forms and Precedents Suites and Bundles and in the new LN Practical Guidance module for Intellectual Property.


  • Adopts a problem-solving and creative approach to complexities
  • Collaborative and experienced in managing relationships and mediating with difficult people and sensitive situations
  • Widely-read, thoughtful and savvy

LexisNexis Author Profile

Marianne Dunham