January 2015

I have decided a simple blog, which I can self-publish, is the best approach to material for Dunham Legal, as the business and the personal are one and the same and this will allow for it to be more real and less spin.

I started Dunham Legal on September 1 2014 and during that time have also been consulting back to FAL Lawyers (fal-lawyers.com.au and falmarks.com.au), where I previously worked. The plan is to continue this.

So what is Dunham Legal and how does it fit in with working with FAL Lawyers?

The most obvious outward change is in location. I now work from the country and 1 September, right at the beginning of spring was a great time to begin doing that. I am really enjoying it. I use technology to work remotely at FAL Lawyers and whilst I know I have mentioned  this  to some, it is possible that some people I have been working with since September will be surprised to learn this. Of course I travel in to town quite regularly as required, it just is not a daily or even a frequent commute.

I still do the same stuff I have been doing since 1990, primarily technology commercialisation and intellectual property advice, along with dispute resolution and when necessary, litigation, in these same areas. I am focusing Dunham Legal on environmental technologies and agribusiness commercialisation and dispute resolution in these areas, as these are the areas which best coincide with my interests and values. With FAL Lawyers I am still doing all this same stuff with a variety of commercial clients and also with the Victorian and Federal Governments and  the research institutions that FAL Lawyers work with.  It is working for us.

When the internet was a tiny little baby in 1994, I remember seeing a website of a couple of lawyers who worked like me in the technology commercialisation space.  They quit New York and set up in Colorado (from memory they were keen hikers or skiers). I can’t even recall their names or the name of their firm, but the concept clearly stayed with me and it has taken me a little while to implement my version of it, but it feels great.

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